Overview of Pharma Consulting Services

SmartPharma specializes in market and product assessments, market sizing and forecasting, pre-launch preparation and launch and marketing of pharmaceutical products. From your product’s conceptual stages to hitting the market, we advise you every step of the way.

Our team assists biopharma companies in determining the value of a product by developing a customized approach to meet each client’s specific needs. We identify the current value of your product and advise on areas where you can maximize value and translate that success to investors, shareholders and potential strategic licensing or acquisition transactions. Finally, when your product is market-ready, our team can help create a strategic commercialization and marketing plan.

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Services provided by our team may include:

  • Evaluate and define the commercial potential for products in development, including preclinical assets as well as those in Phase I through Phase III.

  • Evaluate and conduct due diligence on pharmaceutical assets for investment, in- and out-licensing or acquisition, including revenue forecasts and NPV analysis.

  • Assess the market landscape, market size and market dynamics, including current and future competitors.

  • Conduct primary market research to develop insights from key opinion leaders, practicing physicians, payers, advocates and potential patients.

  • Analyze the pricing and reimbursement environment and make recommendations to maximize market access and reimbursement.

  • Quantify market potential and development of revenue forecasts based on evidence-based, customer-driven assumptions.

  • Develop and implement pre-launch and launch readiness plans for commercialization.

  • Provide comprehensive commercialization services including advertising, market research, medical education, sales force planning and support of all operations.

Learn more about each of our respective pharmaceutical consulting service lines below.