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Healthcare Market Research

We are experts in product development-focused market research. With more than a decade of front-line experience in the pharmaceutical industry plus over a decade of biotech consulting, we know how to evaluate your product within its specific market and predict outcomes and potential for success.

Through our Market Research service, we assist clients in asking questions that lead to meaningful and actionable insight. We know the specific questions to ask and who to ask them of. Our team performs in-depth market research specific to the product and market.

Examples of extensive primary market research we have conducted:


  • Interviews with KOLs (one to 10)
  • Interviews with payers (3 to 15)
  • Interviews with healthcare providers (5 to 25)
  • Interviews with consumers/patients (10 to 50)


  • Surveys of HCPs (50-500)
  • Surveys of patients (25-300)
  • Surveys of consumers (100-10,000)
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For this service, the goal of our SmartPharma team is to ask specific questions to specific audiences to garner valuable input. We speak with potential stakeholders about your product’s intent and collect important findings that contribute to product success.

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Definition of Audience and Product

SmartPharma provides insight to clients that defines market segments, target audiences and explains the “whys” behind a product’s future potential.

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Assessment of Future Success

Market research conducted by SmartPharma is based on customer input, including prescribers, payers and patients. We are experts in pharmaceutical-focused market research, and we know not only the right questions to ask, but how to ask them and how to adjust and pivot to uncover additional insights. Our background as pharmacists allows us to have a real, meaningful conversation with your potential customers. Our quantitative surveys are designed to avoid bias and hold up to scrutiny in due diligence.

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Experts at Market Research for Drugs in Development

We have extensive scientific and medical backgrounds, and considerable industry experience. We know the research steps to take that can inform the path to product success. Whether your product needs expert eyes to characterize an audience or narrow one down, SmartPharma focuses on solution-based approaches for its clients that are customizable and actionable — serving as insightful advisors every step of the way.

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Why choose SmartPharma for your primary or secondary market research needs? We are experienced, customer-focused, transparent and provide customized studies and analysis that we stand behind.

We have decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, and our goal is to offer valuable input and that leads to your success — whether you want to validate your development plan or need our expertise in conducting market research. Contact us to learn more about our Market Research services or to schedule a consultation.

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