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Market Sizing and Forecasting

Whether your product addresses a therapeutic area or is entering uncharted waters, SmartPharma helps you define and quantify your market; including the appropriate healthcare provider audience and patient or consumer segments.

With decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we can determine the size of your product’s market and identify dynamics that may lead to change or variability over time. Through our Market Sizing and Forecasting service, our team quantifies product potential and develops revenue forecasts with evidence-based assumptions.

If you have a product in any stage of development, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to ensure success, as a licensing/acquisition asset, or as an in-house commercially launched product.

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SmartPharma offers Market Sizing and Forecasting as a service for clients who want further information on the value of their development asset and predictions on how that specific market will change or fluctuate over time. All recommendations made by our consultants are actionable and specific.

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Market Sizing Report

What is the size of an established or completely new market? Is there an unmet market need? We will help you determine the market opportunity and make recommendations on how you can optimize the potential of your product based on well-defined data and assumptions.

We take a customized approach to every client’s unique situation. We know what investors are looking for and our evaluations have been utilized in many transactions, including capital raises, IPOs, licensing and acquisition.

SmartPharma assesses the market landscape and dynamics, including current and future competitors and pricing and reimbursement pressures. We conduct extensive secondary research to analyze epidemiologic and clinical data.

We conduct primary market research to develop insights from physicians, other healthcare providers, managed care payers, patients, and patient advocates and caregivers. We customize qualitative and quantitative studies and have conducted research with thousands of HCPs and consumers.

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Revenue Forecast Model

Our goal is to define where your product fits in the market, the variables that will drive anticipated prescribing and use, and to recommend realistic pricing and anticipated rebates/discounts. Our process is collaborative, and we will work with you to define your target product profile and agree upon variables, assumptions and forecast scenarios.

SmartPharma revenue forecast models are based on customer-driven and data-supported assumptions. Our models are transparent, easily interpreted and backed with references to primary and secondary data.

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Pharma Industry Experts

With more than 60 years of combined pharmaceutical experience, you’ll work closely with one of our expert biopharma consultants to develop an effective forecasting approach.

With insider knowledge and decades of working within most aspects of pharma commercial development, SmartPharma experts can provide comprehensive product guidance when you need our assistance most.

Why Choose SmartPharma?

We have been in your shoes before. We have the experience to know how to dive into problems you may face when developing your product. We can answer questions you may or may not think about regarding product development from a commercial perspective.

SmartPharma isn’t satisfied until our clients are, which is why pharmaceutical companies of all sizes trust us with their product assessments and commercialization plans. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation.

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