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In all stages of the pharmaceutical development process, we have commercialization in mind. The end goal of all pharmaceutical companies is to ensure their product not only reaches the market, but also succeeds.

When you are planning for or your product is ready for its market launch, we can assist in developing and implementing pre-launch and launch readiness plans for commercialization. We also can provide clients with comprehensive commercialization services, encompassing advertising, market research, medical education, sales force planning and support of all operations.

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SmartPharma develops commercialization plans that detail the step-by-step process, strategies, tactics and costs of a successful product launch.

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Commercialization Planning

Commercialization of a product is reliant on a motivating value proposition, strong and focused strategy and high-impact tactics. We take the lead in the development of pre-launch readiness and launch plans for commercialization.

Implementation? In the right circumstances, we can provide that as well.

We utilize market research, competitive analysis and industry knowledge to prepare product launches and serve as your insightful advisors as plans are implemented.

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Commercialization Forecasting

What advertising approaches or marketing tactics are most effective for your product launch? Does any further market research need to be completed during the commercialization phase? Does your product require medical education, direct patient engagement or advocacy before you’re ready to take it to market?

SmartPharma can develop commercialization strategies and metrics that detail how to get the most out of your marketing and sales efforts.

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Pharma Commercialization Efforts

SmartPharma consultants offer a one-on-one approach for clients that is analytical, transparent, well-defined and informed. We research and define the language that resonates and is necessary for your product’s desired audiences, with the intent of translating the efficacy and benefit of your product in multiple forms. We use our expertise to detail strategies that aim for product commercial success.

Why SmartPharma?

SmartPharma is a pharmaceutical consulting firm that assists clients throughout every stage of commercialization, from product development through product launch. Whether you need assistance with just one step of that process or all steps, our goal is to ensure you have the tools and resources you need to achieve success be it licensing, acquisition or a go-it-alone product launch.

If you need assistance with the commercialization of your product, contact our us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about why our clients trust us as their insightful pharma advisors.

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